Monday, February 18, 2008

Super Powers that Be

by Michael Weisburg

Over the past few weeks I have been talking to my friends, co-workers, relatives and most importantly my girlfriend. I have asked them all the same questions… If you could have any one super power what would that be?

Of course being a guy, I have seen all the superhero movies that have come out over the past couple of years, and of course my favorite is still Spiderman. I honestly don’t think they could make them any better, but when the next installment comes out, it always blows me away.

Yet if you could sling web from your wrist, would you use it for good or for your own personal gain?

I have heard some of the weirdest, dumbest and most interesting things people would love to have for superpowers if you could have only one. I hear them all, whether they are the most obvious ones such as X-ray vision, or superhuman strength. But then I think of what I would want for mine. Here is what I have come up with. I would want the ability that when I closed my eyes, I could see how everybody dies.

I know that you are thinking that I will probably never sleep again with a power like that, but to your disbelief I would so love to have that. I would be the one people would love to see so that they could ask that simple question that I know a lot of people wonder: "When and how am I going to die?" I would be able to warn so many people and save so many more lives then any superhero could ever do. I could tell people that they shouldn’t go on vacation because something is going to happen, and I could tell people not to on the subway.

There I am using my super power for the good of mankind. Saving people from dying is exactly what the real superheroes do right? So if I had that ability then I would be the Ultimate Superhero. In fact, I would call my Dr. Ultimate. Not that I am a doctor of any sort (though I try telling my girlfriend that I AM a gynecologist).

So as I end this, please take a minute to think what your super power would be. Think long and hard, and come up with a good reason why. Because after all, you only get one super power.


cereardon said...

Obviously the only super power that would be of any worth would be the power to control time. I mean, if I could do that, I could fast forward your life to see your death, then rewind back to the present to warn you about it. Not that I would care about any of that because I'd be too busy doing whatever the crap I wanted (maybe saving some people along the way) because I can control time.

dez said...

i wish i had he super power to kick you in the balls for creating such a post, and not get fired.