Monday, February 18, 2008

Bring Back Prohibition

by Scott Spillane

Before reading this please bare in mind that my thoughts are directed to people that ABUSE alcohol.

These people are obnoxious, mean, violent, and generally a danger to anyone around them, I know because I use to be one of them.

I grew up around alcohol so it seemed perfectly normal to take up the habit.

I also was a bouncer for a few years so I got to see the abuse from both sides.

I was a member of S.A.D.D. in high school yet I drove drunk for years. Thankfully I never hurt anyone.

After getting married and having a daughter I decided that enough was enough.

Being sober and observing inebriated people has really opened my eyes. What good comes from drinking? How many people have to get hurt, or killed before something is done about it?

We even make buildings called bars for people to go to specifically get drunk. Some of these people start meaningless fights and many of these people then jump into a car which places anyone on the road in grave danger.

I ask again, how many people have to die?

I’m sick and tired of reading how innocent people are MURDERED by these drunks.

Then the justice system calls it involuntary manslaughter. Killing someone while driving drunk or fighting is no accident.

These people get lighter sentences. I ask why? Does the person or people this person killed get to come back to life after this sentence is served?

Prohibition should be brought back; drugs are illegal which kill less people a year than alcohol.

I’m about freedom and all, but not when thousands of innocent people have to die each year because of alcohol.


sharky said...

Have you lost your mind????? we have 2.5 people in prison because of prohibition. You have any idea what this country would be like if you had your way? LMFAO 80 % of the American public would be victims of the drug war. It would be complete mess in our streets. It would open a whole new black market. This is a public health issue dude. we need to stop prohibition completely. its easier for a 10 year old to get heroin than a pack of cig's now days. Where is your common sense. I cant believe what i just read. Go get some help for the mind my friend. we have kids losing their grants and loans because of prohibition and after their release with a convicted felon tag, they cant even get a fucking job and are forced back in to the prohibition game You have gone mad (

sharky said...
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sharky said...
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sharky said...

You are now a victim of common sense.