Sunday, September 28, 2008

Potty Mouth Commando

I grew up on the mean street of Lynn Massachusetts and in the profane laden Spillane household. Profanity, alcohol, drugs and violence are an acceptable way of life, right? Well that’s what I thought anyways. As I get older I am beginning to mellow and see things a lot differently than I used to. I quit drugs 5 years ago, quit drinking 20 months ago and I haven’t stomped anyone out lately, now I need to work on the potty mouth. I didn’t see the profanity as being an issue until recently. A couple weeks ago my 3 year old called my 11 year old an “f’ing a’hole”. I will admit that at the time I found it quite humorous. I want my daughter to talk like a lady not a truck driver. It’s not her fault, it’s 100% mine. Profanity is not just vulgar it’s classless, so why is it so acceptable? I for one am going to break the cycle in this family and work on being a better father and human being.

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